The Alphador sliding security doors is fitted with a top and bottom track which has Dutch bends. This medium risk door offers strength and value for money.


Although a single upright is used, the cross braces are fitted directly onto the inside facing side of the tubing and for added strength a steel sleeve is inserted into the inner tubing strengthening the fitting of the cross braces. The braces are tempered rolled hardened making it over two times stronger than ordinary steel.


The Alphador sliding security doors is fitted with a stainless steel slam lock, with an auto dead lock feature. This means when you shut the door closed the lock will in a single action, be locked, as well as automatically dead locked.


All our products are coated with zinc to reduce the effects of rust.


The Alphador sliding security doors is manufactured with a larger single 17mm x 24mm upright. The cross-sectional drawing illustrates the profile of the larger 17x24 non welded tube.  A steel profile formed with a specific shape will affect the stiffness, the deflection and the resistance to bending of the steel profile.


Our Trellis swing gates, also known as Trellis doors are designed for narrow reveals where space is limited. These trellis doors are fitted with a top track for extra support, while leaving the bottom trackless to allow the gate to swing back for full access. Ensuring adequate  protection, the trellis doors or the Trellis Swing Gate is fitted with a stainless steel slam lock and a full length lock bar.



Our security gates are ideally suited to the South African climate due to our robust manufacturing process that promotes lasting burglar proofing security solutions.  Our gates are custom made to your individual requirements, hot dipped galvanised as per SABS standards and powder coated with an exterior polyester powder coating, giving the product a scratch and fade resistant finish.

Each security gate is manufactured with a double throw latch or roller lock and is fitted with a stopper plate. Various designs and colours are available to ensure a swing gate that not only offers security and peace of mind, but is also aesthetically pleasing.






Our single upright Alphagrilles burglar bars are fitted with a four sided frame for enhanced burglar proofing security and an exceptional finish. Our Alphagrilles burglar bars offers superior strength to compliment the Alphador range of retractable doors. .





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